In questa sezione puoi trovare idee per migliorare il Kiwanis:

problemi e soluzioni proposte dai soci (me compreso) ed anche discorsi ufficiali di Officer kiwaniani

Message from Jim Rochford,
President of Kiwanis International

1°ottobre 2015
Cari Kiwaniani,
i bambini contano sul Kiwanis. Senza il Kiwanis i bambini a New York non avrebbero materiale artistico al campo estivo; i bambini in California non avrebbero i caschi per la bicicletta; i bambini in Missouri non avrebbero un parco giochi sicuro. Senza il Kiwanis, i bambini con sindrome di Down in Malesia non avrebbero un luogo dove imparare le abilità di vita; i bambini in Madagascar sarebbero ancora nelle discariche a disputarsi il cibo con gli animali. Senza il Kiwanis, milioni di bambini non sopravviverebbero alle devastazioni del tetano. In parole chiare e semplici, i bambini contano sul Kiwanis, ora più che mai.
Sono entrata nel Key Club nel 1977 per fare la differenza nella mia comunità. Ho notado che il mio impegno era più efficace quando si univa a quello degli altri. Il desiderio di continuare a migliorare la vita e le comunità del mondo mi ha guidato verso una vita dedicata ad essere socia della famiglia kiwaniana. Oggi, sono onorata di iniziare con umiltà il mio mandato come presidente del Kiwanis International. Si tratta di un momento storico, non solo perché il Kiwanis è la prima delle principali organizzazioni di service ad eleggere una presidente donna a livello internazionale, ma soprattutto, perché questo è l’inizio del nostro secondo secolo di service a favore dei bambini del mondo.
Mentre iniziamo questo nuovo anno Kiwanis, vi chiedo di fermarvi un attimo a ricordare il motivo per cui siete entrati la prima volta in questa eccezionale organizzazione. Io vi sono entrata per fare la differenza nella mia comunità. Scommetto che anche voi vi siete iscritti per lo stesso motivo. Continuate a fare la differenza. Infondete forza e coraggio alle persone attorno a voi. Siate la scintilla che aiuta i bambini ad avere una vita migliore. Mostrate al mondo quello che fate per aiutare i bambini. Stampate questo cartello, scrivete il vostro impegno, poi caricatelo nella nostra galleria e condividetelo sui vostri account di social media. Non vedo l’ora di vedere quello che fate per rendere il mondo un posto migliore per i bambini. Insieme noi cambieremo il mondo. I bambini contano sul Kiwanis.
Uniti nel servizio kiwaniano,
Sue Petrisin
2015-16 Presidente
Kiwanis International




MEMBERS 2013-2017


to the International Board

I joined Kiwanis Junior in 1982 and ever since I’ve had the great opportunity to meet many friends and to share with them many activities to serve the children and my community. These many years of experience have shown me that the European movement has its own identity, this is our “European value”: with our heritage of culture and ideas we can contribute so much to our global organization.

My ideas regarding our major problems and how to solve them

I have carried out a SWOT analysis, which I think is very important.

However, what is this? A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis is a study undertaken by an organization in order to identify its internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats. As people plan for their future, it’s useful to conduct a SWOT analysis.

I have carried out a SWOT analysis of the Kiwanis situation: we have 3 problems: Growth, Maintenance, and Rejuvenation

  • Growth, negative trends: Kiwanis is not growing. Even worse, there has actually been a decrease and in the last few years we have lost many members.(TREND FILE)
  • Maintenance: only a few members have a good knowledge of the internet resources on the KI official website and, in equal measure, many members do not use the KI and KIEF programs and tools.

Coherence and continuity year by year are very problematic and all too often they do not happen. 

  • Rejuvenation: we are getting old, and we are not managing to attract young professionals. We must change our strategy to achieve this.

What we have to do:

We must plan a new strategy to establish growth, maintenance and rejuvenation.

  • To make our I-PLAN more effective and to get evaluable results year by year
  • To have a stronger IMPACT in order to maintain the number of members as well as to attract new members, especially young

In what way?

  • Web learning – for all members, especially for Club Officers (ACE – Achieving Club Excellence). Find the tools you need based on a list of common information, which would help the Officers to have both a shared base of information as well as the same goals. A Reputation Manager is necessary in order to evaluate the work in progress and to improve knowledge, awareness and meritocracy.
  • Learning by doing – through team building sessions (3 days) and a CONTINUOUS EDUCATION through 2 levels of training: 1. Inside the clubs for all members, 2. For the district officers and Chairmen so that they may exchange experiences together regarding problem-solving.
  • More activities and ways to provide all members with information: a monthly newsletter sent via email is no longer enough. We have to create an interactive way in which they have to send feedback. In this way K.I. would have a database containing suggestions from kiwanians and their opinions. 
  • A TASK FORCE is necessary to solve problems regarding the maintenance of member numbers. 
  • Promote the adoption of best practices: coherence and continuity in our actions must be the priority. 
  • FUND RAISING for CHILDREN FUND is our PRIORITY, but it is ALSO very important to promote LOCAL SERVICE activities to create an impact in OUR COMMUNITIES and to be more recognized as a real point of reference. 
  • Connecting young people – our S.L.P. Clubs must be checked and put in a common database, creating a common platform on the KI website to allow the sharing and exchange of their experiences, as well as providing opportunities to promote twinnings and meetings between clubs.
  • International Youth Exchange Camps (at Christmas, in Summer) but they should be very economically attractive, supported by the contribution of KI and partially by the District and the club that wish to host and organize the camp.

THIS IS MY IDEA of the “EUROPEAN VALUE PROGRAM”: it will be developed by your suggestions, contributions, ideas and skills.


In this section I’d like to  present what I have learned over many years of life in Kiwanis. Through some key words I’ll try to explain my thoughts on what we could do to improve our organization 


a global network of friends and volunteers joined in the SERVICE!


Optimism with determination, concreteness, resilience,

innovation which respects tradition.

Yes to Evolution, no to Revolution!


 The priority is not only carrying out worldwide service activity programs,

but also taking care of our communities !

It’s very important to promote LOCAL SERVICE activities to have an impact in OUR COMMUNITIES, to become more recognized as a real point of reference,

 and to emphasize our specificity.

START UP but above all FOLLOW UP

Too often, an Officer in charge is interested in starting a service program but cannot follow it up after his/her term is over.  The new Officer isn’t interested in following that program up, because he/she doesn’t consider it his/hers: in reality that program belongs to the entire club! Continuity is a value.

 Do you remember the service you have done in the past?

Exhibitions should show, at all Conventions, pictures of services carried out by clubs, to remember what we have done for children and our communities!

It makes us proud to be kiwanians and makes you want to do it too.


Sponsored Leadership Programs ATTRACT AND TRAIN young future KIWANIS LEADERS, but they are also useful TO PROMOTE LOCALLY each KC sponsoring them.

It would become a fantastic way to encourage young people to carry out voluntary activities and to inspire love for their communities.

No bullies, but rather volunteers!

In the SUMMER, CAMPS for our young SLP members HAVE TO BE ORGANIZED, bringing together young kiwanians from all the world.


in our district magazine we should only publish OUR SERVICE GOALS

as well as on our websites and social networks.


1 – inside the clubs for all members

2 – for the division officers and chairmen

HOW TO TRAIN (beyond traditional methods) :


If they don’t participate in the training, they can’t become Leaders and cannot take on duties as they won’t know what they are doing!

The DISTRICT, the EUROPEAN FEDERATION, KIWANIS has to be a service center

and not a center of power!

Pay attention to: Strategic investments – Spending review

Cost/ benefit rate – Actions/Goals-Results

Transparent management: spending check three times a year.



BANNERS AND COLLARS seem to be just a formality, but they should emphasize the authority and respect for the Officers (and make them recognizable).

CLASS SELECTION –  DUTIES and MERITOCRACY/ competenze e meritocrazia

We would like to acknowledge merits through a coefficient evaluation system to establish officers’ efficiency and usefulness in order to be able to choose well-prepared candidates for higher offices.


especially for maintenance, rejuvenation and growth, in particular for young professionals (see EUROPEAN VALUE).

Kiwanis has not grown very much for a long time. Not only have we stopped growing, but we are even losing members (see GRAPH).

Therefore, we need a good strategy to attract new members and young professionals in our clubs, to strengthen current clubs and to create new ones.

We should also deal with the accelerated turn over and decrease resistance to innovation and change.


It must be an opportunity to meet each other at least once a year

and to exchange our experiences.

Not only an election campaign… but these could also become an opportunity to create exhibitions of our local services carried out throughout the year, to increase team spirit and to make every member proud to be part of our organization


Do we remember the CENTENNIAL YEAR 1915-2015,

our 100 years of Kiwanis?

Let’s not forget our 100 years, because it’s an important strategy in our communication and a marketing opportunity.

  In order to make a brand stronger, we have to give it continuity.

Speaking of continuity, the most important thing to do is find a method of giving continuity to all the good that was done the year before. I have all too often seen presidents and governors breaking up this continuity merely out of personal interest (“since I didn’t do it I want it forgotten”)


 I don’t really believe I have a magic wand but I believe I have ideas, concreteness, enthusiasm and passion: make the difference!

Liberiamo le energie